035: Anne-Flore Marxer/Breaking Down Walls

“Our sports give us magical sensations and feelings. And you don’t need to be a man to experience them”.

Episode 035! For this one, recorded in Munich in January 2018, I welcomed Swiss snowboarder and Freeride World Tour Champion Anne-Flore Marxer onto the show.

Moody line in Haines, 2016. Photo: Dom Daher

For over a decade, AFM has been one of the most visible presences in European snowboarding, thanks to a stellar life as a professional rider, and a refreshing tendency to speak truth to power within the industry itself. Notable entries on the AFM resume include prestigious 2006 Rookie of the Year award from Transworld, sections with Standard Films and of course that 2011 Freeride World Tour title.

Vallnord-Arcalis, 2017. Photo: Dom Daher

On the snow, she’s a forthright and passionate advocate for equal prize money for male and female snowboarders, and gender equality in action sports. Elsewhere, she has championed causes such as Riders For Refugees, among others. Today, after over a decade as a professional rider, she’s determined to use her platform to speak passionately and convincingly about the issues that concern her, and try and be a change for good.

Another FWT podium. Photo: Dom Daher

Really brilliant listen this, with a rider who has been fighting the good fight since she started snowboarding. Listen out for AFM on:

  • Her work with Riders For Refugees.
  • The influence of the much missed Estelle Balet.
  • Her experiences of everyday sexism while competing as a snowboarder throughout her career.
  • Why stoke should be gender blind.

All-in-all, a timely, entertaining and passionate conversation that covers topical themes we are becoming all too familiar with on the Looking Sideways podcast. Thanks for coming on the show AFM!

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Show Notes

  • Longboard Girls Crew.
  • Twenty years at ISPO.
  • The gathering of the ISPO clans.
  • Snowboarding’s community.
  • The idea behind Riders For Refugees.
  • How Anne-Flore got involved.
  • The refugees’ story.
  • Day-to-day life in the Jungle.
  • The long term goal for Riders For Refugees.
  • The power and community of speaking up for your beliefs.
  • Snowboarding’s specific issues.
  • First experience of gender imbalance in snowboarding.
  • Burton European Open issues.
  • The sexist counter arguments.
  • The Alaska analogy.
  • Influence of Drew Stevenson.
  • Using your voice and platform to make change.
  • The contradiction of a relatively youthful sport like snowboarding still being mired in sexism.
  • The equality of Olympic medals.
  • Snowboarding today.
  • How to change it.
  • Experience of prejudice while competing on the FWT.
  • The reality of experiencing the sports compared to the competitive narrative.
  • Cross pollination.
  • Surfing in Alaska.
  • Deciding not to do contests this year.
  • The issue of going second in freeride contests.
  • The influence of riding with Estelle Balet
  • Riding for the right reasons.
  • Plans with Aline for 17/18 season.
  • Iceland’s progressive gender politics.
  • 2006 Transworld Rookie of the Year
  • How evolution makes it interesting.
  • Starting skiing at aged 1.
  • Finding our tribe.
  • Doing rather than planning.
  • Seizing opportunities.
  • A lifestyle rather than a career.
  • ‘All my motivation goes into reinvention’.

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