146: Selema Masekela/Frequency

Selema and his father Hugh. Photo: Tozer

This week’s episode is a long overdue conversation with the great Selema. I’ve been trying to get Selema on the show for a couple of years now, and we finally made it happen at the beginning of January 2021.

If you don’t know Selema, he’s one of the most switched-on and inspirational people in action sports. He’s a presenter, broadcaster, announcer, podcaster, musician, surfer, snowboarder – the list goes on.

Photo: Tozer

He’s also just a brilliant mind, which is on full display in the free-flowing and hugely enjoyable conversation. As you might expect, given Selema’s range of interests, we covered a lot of ground in this episode, including his own background, the current state of politics in the States and what it says about action sports culture, and how he felt when he was suddenly thrust into the limelight as a spokesperson on issues of race and diversity last summer.

Articulate, insightful, generous, humane, energised, empowered – this is just a brilliant conversation with one of our culture’s essential voices. Don’t miss it.

Listen to the episode here:

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