147: Circe Wallace/Pharmakeia

Circe Wallace by Owen Tozer

I’ve spent a good chunk of the last couple of months donning the journalist hat and occupying the editor chair for the latest volume of Curator, the independent print snowboarding publication I’ve been privileged to work on for the last couple of years.

As well as editing the whole thing, I also wrote a couple of stories for this volume, including an interview with my old friend Circe Wallace, who regular listeners will remember I had on the show a couple of years ago as part of the California mission. Myself and Circe got on real well during that conversation, so much so that we ended up staying in touch and becoming friends.

Photo: Tozer

So when it came to chatting to Circe for the aforementioned Curator piece, I thought I might as well record the whole thing as an episode of the podcast, as well as use it as material for the story I ended up writing. This episode is the result.

We recorded this one a few days before Christmas 2020, and as a result myself and Circe were in a particularly reflective mood, as you’ll hear. The result is this really warm, insightful and enjoyable conversations with one of our world’s most interesting and successful personalities. There’s plenty of 90s snowboard nostalgia for the geeks (hey I include myself in that), as well as plenty of insight into the drive that has made Circe one of the great motors of progress in action sports over the last twenty years.

Listen to the episode here:

Connect With Circe

Show Notes

  • Holiday plans
  • Winter 20/21
  • Covid variants
  • The freelance conundrum – how to appreciate the downtime
  • Industry contraction
  • Biden’s success
  • Post Trump Fatigue Syndrome
  • Seeing the cracks in democracy
  • The end of empire
  • The future of the industry and short-form content
  • A place for streaming
  • How Covid is fuelling participation in action sports
  • The prospect for emerging brands
  • The effects of Covid on athletes
  • Implementing the Force Majeure clause on contracts
  • Seeing fewer athletes in the future
  • Less opportunity for poorer athletes
  • Exciting prospects in tackling the shortcomings of the skate industry
  • Narrowing the future demographic of the ski/snowboard industry
  • The effects of politics on the industry
  • Why people want to keep the outgoing administration
  • The damaging influence of Facebook and the technocrats
  • The healing opportunity of cannabis legalisation
  • Ignoring plant based medicine and the global damage caused by Big Pharma
  • How cannabis solves more problems than it creates
  • Hot Nife
  • The CBD craze
  • Opportunities for ethnic minorities in systemic change towards drugs
  • Fundamental beliefs coming into alignment with capitalistic/entrepreneurial traits
  • Being able to participate in a meaningful way in systemic change
  • Stepping out of Jamie’s shadow
  • Getting onto the classic mid-90s Ride team
  • Creativity and being part of a team dynamic at Ride
  • The first women’s pro model boards
  • Getting on the VANS team and designing boots for women
  • Circe’s first her pro boot flying off the shelves
  • “The house that snowboarding built”
  • The gift of snowboarding
  • Putting all the teenage angst and aggression into snowboarding
  • Transitioning from skateboarding to snowboarding
  • Expression through snowboarding
  • Showing up in a state of gratitude


Names Mentioned

  • Hemingway
  • Travis Rice
  • Joe Biden
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Donald Trump
  • Tassilo Hager (Taz)
  • Nicolas Müller
  • Harry J. Anslinger
  • Robert Nixon
  • Kamila Harris
  • Jamie Lynn
  • Tim Pogue
  • Steph
  • Jason Ford
  • Russel Winfield
  • Dale Rehberg
  • Jake Blattner
  • Nate Cole
  • Jack Ford
  • Tina Basich
  • Shannon Dunn
  • Cheryl Lynn
  • Shaun Palmer
  • Steve Van Doren
  • Walter Schoenfeld
  • Gary Schoenfeld

Places Mentioned

  • Japan
  • L.A.
  • Jackson Hole
  • London
  • South Africa
  • Georgia
  • Cardiff-by-the-Sea
  • Seattle

Brands, Companies, Organisations Mentioned