102: Alex Knost/The Knost Conundrum

Me and Alex Knost, London, October 2019. Photo: Mayol

“When you do something without hesitation, it’s going to come out successful; whether or not people consider it terrible.”

My guest this week is Alex Knost, a surfer, musician and photographer and definitely one of the most polarising figures in modern surfing.

Alex Knost. Photo: Tozer

He’s a stylist who is renowned for his highly individual approach to wave-riding and life in general. For some, he’s the arty-party epitome of hipster surfing who is all style and no substance.

To others, he’s a genuine original who has managed the miraculous feat of achieving a totally original and cohesive style at this late stage in surfing’s development.

Photo: Tozer

Wherever you stand, he’s one of the most enigmatic and interesting presences in modern surfing. Alex was in town for the London Surf Film Festival where he was promoting his film Tan Madonna, so I headed up town to sit down with him to see if I could get to the bottom of the Knost conundrum.

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