164: Sue Izzo/Rebirth

Sue Izzo by Owen Tozer, photographed via Zoom, October 2021

My ‘lifer’ episodes, in which I interview somebody without the profile of my more famous guests, but who nevertheless has dedicated their life to the culture with similar dedication (and, in many cases, has had a similar influence), are always among the most beloved Looking Sideways episodes.

And in this episode with action sports agent and business coach Sue Izzo, I’m not afraid to say we have an instant lifer classic. Of course, as usual we discussed Sue’s life and career through the action sports industry – during which she founded Mosaic and helped steer the career of Danny Davis, Keir Dillon and Sofia Mulanovich, among others.

Photo: Tozer

But really, this open, honest and moving conversation is about the very stuff of life itself.  It’s about the biggest questions and challenges of all, which at some point we will all inevitably have to face, and how we find the strength to deal with them.

In Sue’s case, this ongoing reckoning has meant facing episodes of debilitating depression, numerous suicide attempts, a cancer diagnosis, as well as various other professional crises.

The story of how Sue found the strength to overcome these challenges, and come out the other side reborn as the person she is today, is as compelling as any I’ve yet told on the podcast. Today, she is driven by a mission to tell her story in the hope that it will provide succour to others dealing with similar struggles.

Photo: Tozer

The result is a powerful, thought-provoking and moving conversation. Just an advance warning – in this conversation myself and Sue converse pretty frankly about mental health, depression and suicide, so please be mindful before you get stuck into the episode. My thanks to Sue for her openness and honesty.

Listen to the episode below: