018: Fergal Smith/Becoming The Change

Ferg riding Joel Fitzgerald’s board from Litmus. Photo: Ian Mitchinson

“People get freaked out by how much I want to do. But I’ve had this in my head for a long time”.

For episode 018 of the Looking Sideways Action Sports Podcast I headed to County Clare in Ireland to pay a visit to Irish surfer and farmer Fergal Smith.

Fergal is one of Ireland’s most respected big wave surfers and for a while lived a fairly conventional pro surfing life, traveling the world and surfing big waves.

Photo: Owen Tozer

Then, at the age of 24, he turned his back on it all and headed home to Lahinch in Ireland, where along with some friends he’s since dedicated himself to creating an organic community farm – as well as still charging Ireland’s array of big waves.

Photo: Mickey Smith

Today Moy Hill Farm feeds 50 local families, and Ferg and the boys have launched a Crowdfunder campaign through which they hope to move to an even bigger site and feed around 150 families.

In September 2017, I headed over to Lahinch to chat to Fergal about life on the farm.

Among the highlights:

  • Fergal explaining why he turned his back on his pro surfing career
  • What it means to be a leader
  • How buying a pig led to a new commitment
  • How Moy Hill CSA Farm works

This is an inspirational story about radical life choices and the power of being in service to something bigger than yourself. Thanks for talking me through it Ferg!

If you only have five minutes…

Listen to this section - Fergal on what motivated him to change his lifestyle to such a radical degree

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  • Kale
  • Chard
  • Courgettes
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  • Spring onions
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  • Potatoes
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