193: Chris Burkard/Original

Chris Burkard, Stockholm, August 2022. Photo: Owen

Is Chris Burkard the most influential visual artist at work in the outdoors today? It’s difficult to think of anybody else who has shaped the conversation to the same degree. Whether you realise it or not, any time you open Instagram and clock somebody gallivanting in front of a remote waterfall, or watch the latest series from an outdoor brand featuring twilit campfires on a beach, you’re seeing the influence of Chris.

I’ve tried and failed to get Burkard on the show at various points over the years. Hell, he’s a busy man. So when my pals at Db asked me to head over to Stockholm for the weekend to interview Chris in front of a live audience at renowned local camera emporium Scandinavian Photo, I jumped at the chance.

Photo: Owen

The original plan was to record a separate conversation with Chris after the live chat was in the bag. But our panel conversation turned out so well that we agreed it’d be best for us to just release that as an episode instead.

What follows is a total masterclass in creativity and finding your voice, from somebody who is absolutely at the top of their game. Every successful artist has their imperial phase, that period when everything they touch turns metaphorically to gold, and Chris is at the height of his right now. So it was completely fascinating getting a glimpse into the eye of the storm, and hearing how Chris navigates these turbulent, satisfying waters emotionally, psychically, professionally and personally.

Photo: Owen

I learned a lot, and I hope you do too. My thanks to Chris, Db, and the lovely people at Scandinavian Photo for making this one such a great experience. A note on the audio: we did have a few technical difficulties while recording this one, but I think it’s worth persevering with.

Listen to the episode below:

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