126: Phil Young/On Allyship

Phil Young by Owen Tozer via Zoom, June 2020.

Let’s be honest – the Looking Sideways podcast is a pretty white and none-diverse space, reflecting as it does the action sports and outdoor community as a whole. I think this is why my first episode with Phil Young, broadcast back in November 2019, struck such a chord with listeners and very quickly went on to become one of my most popular episodes ever.

The fact is it is still rare for BAME people to be given a voice or a platform in our industry. So to hear Phil outline his experiences as a person of colour in our insular little world was eye-opening for many listeners, as the feedback I received demonstrated.

Phil Young by Owen Tozer

Since that interview, myself and Phil have kept talking and kept sharing views and experiences on this topic. And now, obviously, recent events mean the issue is  front and centre like never before. So I gave Phil a shout to see if he was up for coming back on the show and continuing our conversation. I was interested in getting his take on the events of the last few weeks, and understanding his hopes for the future.

Phil Young by Owen Tozer

Like any conversation around this topic, it can be challenging to find the right words, and I certainly struggled at points during our chat. I left all that in though, because I think it’s important to openly and honestly discuss these things and embrace the challenges that come with it. After all, this isn’t about me or my fragility. This is about learning how to become a better ally.

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