229: Freddie Meadows/RÁN

When Freddie Meadows finally surfed RÁN, it signified more than the biggest wave ever surfed in Scandinavia.

It was also the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition; the endgame of a ten-year search; and the symbolic culmination of Freddie’s singular career as a surfer of proud Scandinavian and Swedish heritage thus far.

No wonder he named it after the Norse goddess of the sea.

But then, the long, thoughtful and myth-strewn trip that led to RÁN is emblematic of Freddie’s wider path through professional surfing.

I’ve been following him for years, and have always been fascinated by the way he has looked east instead of west – eschewing the classic professional surf career for something much more original and unique.

It’s an approach that comes through in everything he does, from the particular brands he chooses to work with, to the particular aesthetic that always embellishes the work he puts out.

And it’s why our thoughtful, involved conversation for Looking Sideways covers so much more ground than the usual pro surfer chat.

We discuss what RÁN means to Freddie, of course, now he’s had time to digest the experience.

But we also covered plenty of the classic Looking Sideways themes: our place in nature, the important of honesty when it comes to creativity and a fulfilling life, and why you need determination and vision to follow your own path.

Big thanks to Freddie for opening up so honestly. Listen to out conversation below:

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