227: Looking Sideways x Db Journey Roundtable Special/How to Pitch and How to Get Paid

I’ve been really enjoying the recent online ‘Creative Exchanges’ I’ve been doing with my friends at Db Journey. They’re such a brilliant idea that I’m not surprised they’ve had such a great take up.

The premise is really simple – Db gather together some of their ambassadors and creatives to form a loose panel to discuss that week’s topic. We then extend the invite to people on our mailing lists, jump on a Google Meet link, and see where the discussion ends up.

The most recent was about a topic close to my heart – how to pitch ideas, and how to make sure you’re being paid the right rate, rather than be fobbed off with the old ‘it’ll be great exposure/networking’ nonsense.

As I’ve long maintained, any company, brand or event who says they can’t afford to pay speakers, athletes or contributors properly is either being disingenuous or has a problem with their business model.

For this discussion, I was joined by panellists Caley Vanular and Db Journey’s Jon and Marcus, as well as over 100 passionate and smart people who proved there’s a huge appetite for this type of debate and knowledge-sharing. We discussed our own experiences, took questions, and generally engaged in a really fascinating and wide-ranging debate on this thorniest of issues.

Listen below:

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