206: Chris Burkard/London Live

Photo: Hallvard

Earlier this year, I interviewed Chris Burkard at a special event in London organised by my agency All Conditions Media and my pals at Db. I offered up a number of free tickets for paid subscribers – and originally I released the entire conversation as a bonus episode exclusively for paid subscribers only. This week, I’m dropping the paywall so everybody can have a listen.

If you listened to last year’s hugely popular conversation with Chris (also recorded in front of a live audience, that time in Stockholm), you’ll know what to expect. This was yet another intensely honest conversation about art, creativity and life itself with one of the most influential visual artists at work in the outdoor today.

Photo: Hallvard

Sure, we briefly covered some of the territory we discussed in Stockholm, but there are new insights, pearls of wisdom and sharp exchanges here that showcases Burkard’s trademark humour, vulnerability and insight.

Photo: Hallvard

Thanks Chris for being such a great sport, and to my ACM and Db family for taking care of such a brilliant event. And thanks to my paid subscribers for supporting the show! It’s so appreciated. If you enjoyed this, or have any feedback, tell me in the comments, or hit me up directly in the subscriber chat thread. Looking forward to hearing what everybody thinks.

Listen below:

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