110: Jonathan Weaver/Jack To A King

Jonathan Weaver, Oregon, November 2019. Photo: Tozer

It’s the final episode from my Portland series, recorded during a breakneck week spent exploring the City of Roses with my various guests. And this episode, recorded with my very old friend Jonathan Weaver, is a fitting departure from the usual format.

That’s because we recorded this episode during a very pleasant and leisurely drive around the Oregon coastline. I rode shotgun, grabbed the mics and spent an extremely enjoyable day riding around, checking the surf and having what is even for me a properly meandering conversation.

Me and Weaver. Photo: Tozer

And what a perfect format it was for exploring Jon’s inspirational and circuitous career through the industry. I actually gave Jon his first gig as a writer way back when I helped to run Whitelines, and he’s sure come a long, long way since then; ticking off stints as a snowboarder, team manager, and general industry mover and shaker at brands like Forum and Nike as his career has flourished.

Listeners often ask how to ‘get’ a career in the action sports industry, and absorbing the lessons in this episode would a very good place to start.

Photo: Tozer

Above all, it’s the story of a brilliant life in snowboarding and beyond, powdered by passion and curiosity. I’m very proud to call Jon a close friend, and even more stoked to have him on the show for the episode. Hope you enjoy it.

Listen to the episode here:

HUGE thanks to Travel Portland, Hertz and Black Diamond for their help in pulling this entire Portland trip together.

Connect with Jon

Show Notes

  • 16 ft at 16 seconds.
  • The tow scene.
  • The drive every couple of weeks.
  • Getting the arms moving.
  • Regressing.
  • More surfing these days.
  • First time surfing together.
  • News of Jake Burton.
  • Impact Jake had on so many lives.
  • Working at Whitelines.
  • Hearing brutal honesty.
  • Made in Britain.
  • Dryslope scene.
  • Chatham Snowsports Centre.
  • First trip ‘on snow’ aged 16.
  • Parental expectations.
  • First generation university-goers.
  • Ski season in Val D’Isere.
  • Studying International Business.
  • Snowboarding in Finland.
  • Making Hungerpain.
  • The Austrian snowboard house.
  • Working at Burton.
  • “There’s always a way of doing it”.
  • The rail by the Thames.
  • Taking in the Oregon scenery.
  • “Doing the weekend warrior thing”.
  • Riding for Forum.
  • All-nighters at ISPO.
  • “Well, you’re not the next Shaun White”.
  • 5 years at Forum.
  • Forum’s film.
  • Building a European team.
  • “They didn’t mind a night out”.
  • One night in Mayrhofen.
  • A phone call from Phil Young.
  • Nike 6.0.
  • Chefs and physios.
  • Riding with helmets.
  • Kevin Pearce’s accident.
  • Speaking German.
  • Move to Portland.
  • “If it’s not now, it may not come along again”.
  • Having a great crew.
  • Ending the program.
  • Doing things the right way.
  • Launching in Chile.
  • Riding with world-class snowboarders.
  • Board control.
  • First time heli-boarding.
  • Being highly exposed.
  • “The worrying thing is no one is out there surfing right now”.
  • Local surf spots.
  • Nike’s training category.
  • Crossfit explosion.
  • Obsessions.
  • Having kids.
  • Swansea City.
  • Paternity leave in Austria.
  • The Jiggaflip.
  • Injuries.
  • Insurance.
  • Joining the women’s business.
  • Sports bra reference points.
  • Tread gently.
  • Patriarchy in sports.
  • “You need to see it to be it”.
  • Trevor Noah on Serena and Sexism.
  • Tayla Harris trolls.
  • New print titles.
  • “People are prepared to pay for good content”.
  • Learning more about the people.
  • “Snowboarding is in a better position today”.
  • Volcom’s advert for the Olympics.
  • Arbitrary deadlines.
  • Learn as you go.

People Mentioned

Places Mentioned

Companies/Brands/Organisations Mentioned

  • Nike
  • Forum
  • White Lines
  • Burton
  • US Open
  • First Choice Holiday Company
  • ISPO
  • Lib Tech
  • All Conditions Media
  • Volcom
  • Quicksilver
  • Dragon
  • Salomon
  • Stance Marketing
  • The Toffee Club
  • Cinema 21
  • FIFA
  • Koruah
  • Patagonia
  • North Face
  • Travel Portland
  • Hertz
  • Black Diamond
  • Kex Hotel
  • Gentemstick

Films Mentioned