216: Ray Barbee/The Power of the Pulse

Just where do you start with Ray Barbee? After all, this skate, photography and music icon, who happens to be one of the most influential skateboarders ever, has probably been interviewed thousands of times during the course of his career.

Perhaps it helped that our mutual friends Thomas Campbell and Don Brown did the intros, because I’m happy to report that Ray bought into the spirit of the podcast whole-heartedly, completely happy to ‘windbag’ about any topic that crossed our path.

The resulting chinwag covers a lot of ground in the classic LS fashion: everything from how faith helped Ray cope with the intense fame he experienced early in his career, to his memories of THAT 1995 Radlands comp at which he came second to Tom Penny.

Even better, it is hallmarked by the wisdom, humour, generosity and candour for which Ray is legendary.

We had such a laugh having this chat that I kept the tape running once the ‘main’ conversation was over, and am including this extra 15 minutes on Ray’s next record, his approach to music, and why the beat is the pulse of all things, as an extra section exclusively for paid subscribers. Free subscribers, of course, can still hear the bulk of the chat as per usual.

Listen here:

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