211: Gilly McArthur/What She Said

Gilly McArthur, Sea Lanes, Brighton, June 2023. Photo: me

I’m on quite a run at the moment when it comes to chatting to wise, inspiring and talented women, and this ace chat with my pal Gilly McArthur continues this sequence in fine style.

Gilly is a snowboarder, swimmer, open water swim coach, climber, event organiser, speaker – you get the picture. Basically, she’s a proper force of nature, a human catalyst, and a peerless communicator who gets stuck right in whatever she’s doing. Plus, she raised the bar for all past and future LS guests by bringing me along a book as a present, which obviously made my day.

And, as I’ve known for a while now, she’s also brilliant company, as I rediscovered in June 2023 when we met up in Brighton at the amazing new Sea Lanes to record this episode.

I must say, for me this was proper ‘If Carlsberg did podcast set-ups’ (hat tip Mat Pycroft) occasion. We met at the height of the heatwave, and just had a lovely morning: swim, coffee, beach, good food, and this brilliant conversation.

Even for me, this one went all over the place; which makes it a perfect podcast conversation, to my mind. Obviously we covered Gilly’s life and career, but we also followed all manner of tangents in a sprawling, multi-layered chat that I enjoyed immensely.

Thanks for being such a great sport Gilly, and humouring my incessant Smiths-related gags. Hope you enjoy this episode – listen below:

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