209: Melody Sky/Histoire de Melody

Me and Melody, Brighton Beach, May 2023. Photo: Ben GC

Welcome to a classic lifer episode of Looking Sideways with my pal Melody Sky!

If you’re somebody who scans the name of the guest and thinks ‘never heard of them, I’m not going to bother’, I implore you not to make that mistake here, but Melody Sky has surely had one of the most fascinating careers in European action sports media.

Sure, she’s a photographer, filmer, artist and all-round creative legend, but these descriptions really don’t do justice to the sheer range of accomplishments and adventures she has to her name. 

Photo: Ben GC

And what I love about Melody’s story – and career – is how entirely self-made it is. She’s created this unique role for herself, driven by curiosity, drive, graft, passion and a desire to have a life filled with unique and unusual experiences. Perennial themes during Looking Sideways discussions, and particularly relevant when it comes to this chinwag.

We recorded this one on Brighton beach in mid May, and it’s a rambling, shaggy-dog-story of a conversation in the classic Looking Sideways style. This one for the LS originals, and for anybody looking to be inspired by somebody who lives life completely on their own terms. Melody is a hero and I’m stoked to finally chat to her for the show.

Listen to our conversation below:

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