HKC Club: The Wave Discount Code (2024)

I’ve joined forces with some of my pals in the industry to create HKC Discount Club, offering my Looking Sideways family exclusive discounts on the best brands in our little corner of the world. Click here to see the full list.

And this is a good one – my close friends at The Wave have offered Looking Sideways listeners and readers yet another an exclusive discount code, valid on all session at Bristol!

How does it work? Just use my Wave discount code SIDEWAVES10 at checkout for 10% off any session. That’s it.

This Wave promo code SIDEWAVES10 will work across the entire range of full price products, meaning you’ll get Wave beginner discounts, Wave intermediate discounts and Wave expert and advanced discounts. How amazing is that?

Regulars will know that I’ve got a long history with The Wave. As as being a regular myself, I’m good friends with founder Nick Hounsfield (that’s us above) who’s made a couple of appearances, including for episode 200, which you can check out below.

Remember: just use my Wave discount code SIDEWAVES10 when you book to save 10% on any session.