220: Maddie Meddings, Rebecca Coley, Chris Nelson, Owen Tozer/London Surf Film Festival Special

The roadshow continues! Following my recent Roundtable live, recorded at the Kendal Mountain Festival, I’m back with yet another special panel discussion, this one recorded live at the London Surf Film Festival in November 2023.

I was lucky enough to be official media partner for this year’s festival, part of which was hosting this special workshop with four brilliant film-makers and creatives: Rebecca Coley, director of the brilliant Point of Change, which scooped Best British Film; Maddie Meddings, director of Yama, which won Best International Short; Chris Nelson, writer and producer of The Big Sea; and Owen Tozer, my creative right hand man, co-founder of Goodrays, and director of the beautiful, unsettling Blood Type Plastic.

A word of warning: there’s a LOT of background noise in this one. But I hope you can bear with me, because there’s some proper gold in here from these four – film-making, storytelling, creativity, and all the other good stuff that makes the Looking Sideways world go round.

They’re all at different points in their careers, each with very distinct style and approaches, which is what I think gave this chat such depth and resonance.

MASSIVE thanks to Chris and Demi at the London Surf Film for getting me involved, to the panellists for being such good sports, and to the audience for being so engaged and up for it.

Listen to the episode below: