232: Looking Sideways x Db Journey Roundtable Special/How I Broke In

Ever wondered how you get one of those weird, none-conventional jobs? Ever wondered how people ACTUALLY ended up making a living doing something creative, and a little less ordinary? Harbour ambitions to make the leap, and give it a go yourself?

Then today’s bonus episode, a special Looking Sideways x Db Journey roundtable, is for you.

It’s the first half of the London Live Creative Exchange double header I hosted with my pals at Db in June 2024.

Once again, we hired Hoxton Arches. Once again, we invited a load of friends of LS and Db to come along for free. Once again, it was packed and vibes were high.

The subject for this first session? ‘How I Broke In’, with sought-after commercial photographer Ron Timehin; close friend-of-the-show Lyndsay McClaren, who works with me at All Conditions Media, runs Neighbourhood Skate Club, and has had one of the most varied and impactful careers of anybody I know; and Hallvard Kolltveit, Db’s own photography, production and creative wizard.

As regulars will know, our Creative Exchanges are all about sharing the knowledge, know-how and wisdom of our panelists with our growing community.

And in this discussion, my three panelists shared their own unconventional routes in, the mistakes they’ve made, the lessons they’ve learned, and basically proved one underlying truth about this whole creative game – there IS no conventional path, and knockbacks and mistakes are all part of the game.

This is a really lovely, open and honest discussion that at times is really moving and emotional. I’m really grateful to all my panelists for taking part and sharing their insights. Listen below: