202: Alex Weller/London Calling

Me and Alex, Ventura, February 2023.

Lifer alert! Yep, this conversation with my old pal and current head of creative at Patagonia in Ventura Alex Weller is another classic of this quintessential LS genre, recorded in California during my recent trip to the Golden State.

And it was proper batten down the hatches and don the sou’wester time. – I was in LA during the wettest, stormiest weather the state had experienced in a decade. It meant that normally flawless line-up of spots resembled my local here in Brighton, and that fabled sunshine and blue skies was replaced with greys more synonymous with my home town of Manchester.

Still, this inclement weather event did mean I had more time to spend engaging in some truly nourishing conversations, both on and off tape. Including this conversational gem with Weller.

I go way, way back with Alex. As we worked out, we first met back in the late 90s when he came to stay with me in Meribel when we were young idiots trying to make our way in the industry. And I had a brilliant time recording this episode, spending a lovely day with Alex in Ventura and Santa Barbara, taking in a lovely surf at C-Street, before sitting down to record this quickfire run through Alex’s life and times.

As you’ll hear, we’re in classic lifer territory with this one, and the tale of how Alex made the long, circuitous trip from the London skate scene to his current lofty position at Patagonia is a fascinating one. Expect plenty of industry insights and lessons for people looking to forge their own path in a career they cherish from one of the smartest minds in the game.

Recording this type of episode with an old pal in an unexpected place is one of the true joys of running Looking Sideways, and something I don’t take lightly. I hope you enjoy our conversation – and a special HKC update on my trip. And my thanks to Alex, Alice, Emmy, Tabby, Lou, Jelle, Corey, Corley and everybody else at Patagonia for their help setting this one up.

Listen below:

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