198: Tim & Gendle/Festive Voice Note Special!

Me, Tim and Gendle. Photo: Gendle

Festive Special!

Mince pies. Carols. Mistletoe. The John Lewis ad. Festive tunes on endless repeat. Yep, Christmas is a time of tradition. And in Looking Sideways land, that means it’s time for the annual Tim and Gendle Christmas Special, our very additions to the Christmas canon.

Photo: Tozer

Although…this year, we approached things a little differently. Of course, we sat down and chatted for a couple of hours, discussed how 2022 was for us, our hopes for 2023, and answered the many listener questions we received on Instagram. Gendle even did a special quiz, which worked out a treat.

So for now, wherever you’re listening to this – I imagine it’s either in the car on the way to someone’s gaff, or while peeling the sprouts – I urge you to don a silly Santa hat, grab an eggnog and kickback while us three absolute idiots wax festively for the next couple of hours.

It’s been another great Looking Sideways year, and this episode was the perfect way to cap it off. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it. Merry Christmas!

Listen below:

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