184: Ewan Wallace/The Joy of Friendship

Me and Ewan. Photo: Owen

Is there anything better than catching up with an old friend after a long break, and picking up exactly where you left off?

I think not – which is why my latest with Ewan Wallace is a paean to the joys of close friendship. 

Ewan is a snowboarder and musician (he’s guitarist with Bonobo and Karmic) who is also one of my oldest and closest friends. I spent the most formative years of my life with Ewan; 15 years snowboarding, travelling, working and playing music together.  But in the last decade we haven’t seen as much of each other as usual, which is why I really cherish our time together on the rare occasions it does come around. 

Ewan by Owen

On this occasion, I was also keen to reflect on our shared experiences with the perspective of time. I’ve been thinking much about the past recently, particularly the successes and failures. As somebody who was alongside me in the creative trenches for so many years, I’ve long been waiting for the chance to compare notes with Ewan on the times we had and the things we experienced. 

Ewan by Owen

The result was the type of nourishing, grounding chat that only a proper old mate can deliver. Ewan’s always been a brilliant conversationalist and he’s led such an interesting life that know this would be a fun one. 

Listen to the episode here:

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