182: Lesley McKenna, Hannah Bailey and Lauren MacCallum/Triumvirate

Lesley McKenna, Hannah Bailey and Lauren MacCallum, Aviemore, April 2022. Photo: Euan

When does cultural guardianship become another form of toxic gatekeeping? How can you connect your own personal take on activism with the bigger themes? How can ski touring and splitboarding be a vehicle to increased creativity and self-awareness? And just why is Scotland one of the most unique places to ride a snowboard in the world?

Lesley. Pic: Euan

All topics covered in this week’s episode with Lesley McKenna, Hannah Bailey and Lauren MacCallum, impromptuly recorded during my recent trip to Aviemore to take part in one of Hannah and Lesley’s Wandering Workshops. This was a brilliant three days which mixed splitboarding with a much-needed creative reset.

Hannah. Photo: Euan

While there, I decided to grab Lesley, Hannah and Lauren for a chat. “What do you want to chat about?”, asked Lesley the day before, as we were heading uphill through classic Scottish four-seasons-in-one-day conditions. “Let’s just press record and see where we end up”, I replied. Which is exactly what we did, and as I suspected it might, it quickly evolved into a subtle, all-encompassing chat that covered a hell of a lot of ground. Of course, it helped that I was chatting to three of the smartest, most passionate people I know.

Lauren. Photo: Euan

This is actually the first time I’ve interviewed three people for the show, and I thought it worked really well. Big thanks to Lesley, Hannah and Lauren for taking the time to do it, and for the brilliant conversation.

Listen to the episode here:

Show Notes

  • Crush it 4 Climate 
  • Fresh tracks in April
  • Wondering workshops 
  • Lifting barriers 
  • Bringing in new perspectives
  • Managing challenging situations and Imperfect advocism 
  • The individual and the global experience 
  • Honest dialogue and empathy 
  • The diversity of influence 
  • Building upon shared experiences 
  • Communal value 
  • Challenge and progression 
  • The difficult conversations 
  • Mutual support 
  • The foundations of Wondering Workshops 
  • ‘..painting a picture.. and the picture belongs to everyone..’
  • The tipping point 
  • ‘ one’s coming to save us..’
  • The IPCC report 
  • Leadership and enabling problem solving 
  • ‘..the work is never done..’
  • Change and The Wanderlust Women
  • Appreciating perspective
  • ‘The stoke’ and unifying ideas
  • Radical gains 
  • Gatekeeping and people over profit
  • Protecting what’s important

Names Mentioned

Places Mentioned

  • USA
  • Scotland 
  • The Alps 
  • Switzerland 
  • France 
  • Vale 
  • Europe 
  • Aviemore