174: Tom Monterosso/Birdman

Tom ‘T-Bird’ Monterosso. Photo: Tozer

Jackson x Natural Selection omnibus special!

Yep, myself and my right-hand man and creative collaborator Owen Tozer are on our first trip of the Covid era and what a joyous, life-affirming experience it has been. We’ve been in Jackson Hole for the first stop of the Natural Selection Tour, and have taken the opportunity to record as many episodes as we could with people involved in the event, from Jackson or from the wider snowboarding community.

Starting with this conversation with my friend and fellow Natural Selection announcer Tom ’T-Bird’ Monterosso. We’d been chatting about recording this episode all week, and in the end decided to record it a couple of hours after finals day wrapped in the immediate post-show afterglow of our live broadcast of the event.

T-Bird, Jackson Hole, January 2022.

As you’ll hear, spirits were high, and not just because we were both three Pacificos deep. I think it’s also because as myself and Tom have discovered this week, we really like hanging out and talking together. So with the event wrapped, we set the tape rolling and recorded this quick fire episode. We talked about the event, of course, and then segued into a chat about Tom’s life and career in snowboarding. There are some classic LS themes in this one, explored with totally candour and self-deprecation by one of the essential voices in US snowboarding.

Listen to the episode here:

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