169: Dylan Graves/Curiosity Seeker

Dylan Graves by Jimmy Wilson

This week’s guest Dylan Graves has managed something that sounds simple but is actually really very difficult when it comes to surf, skate and snow film-making – coming up with a simple idea that manages to convey the stoke of the entire business while also telling a repeatedly compelling story.

If you don’t know Dylan, he is a professional surfer from Puerto Rico and the host of a YouTube show called Weird Waves, which for my money is the best professional surfing vlog out there. Why am I making this bold claim? Because Weird Waves is so far removed from the usual surf culture narrative, with its preoccupations with the same tedious tropes we’ve all had rammed down our throats for the past 70 plus years.

Photo: Jimmy Wilson

Instead, each episode of Weird Waves focuses lovingly on the margins of surf culture, the scenes that are a million miles away from the Beach Grit beat, but are, in 2021, just as legitimate as La Jolla, Hawaii or Byron Bay. Whether it’s the Brits surfing the Severn Bore on junky old longboards, or frothing mid westerners tackling howling Great Lake windswell, Dylan puts these communities in the spotlight with zero judgement.

Dylan and ‘Big Dog’ on the job during the Lake Tahoe episode of Weird Waves

There’s another reason that Weird Waves is to be applauded, too, which is the way that Dylan uses the format to challenge himself, whether creatively or by tackling the bigger issues of the day without fear or favour. When somebody with the profile of Dylan uses their platform to challenge themselves, and attempt to make our community more inclusive and accepting, they should be applauded. That’s a big reason why I invited Dylan on the show, and why I enjoyed our thoughtful conversation so much. Hope you do too. Listen to the episode below:

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Show Notes

  • Curtains 
  • Family and fatherhood 
  • Current work 
  • Work/life balance 
  • Weird Waves
  • Making the best of what you’ve got
  • Showing reality 
  • How surfing is only part of it
  • The challenge of translating an experience to screen
  • Dylan’s creative process 
  • Becoming a better person
  • Manhattan Beach Incident 
  • Localism 
  • Good surf etiquette 
  • Breaking waves
  • Why Dylan chose to use his platform to address social issues 
  • Queer Surf 
  • “ much I didn’t know..”
  • Learning and evolving
  • Dealing with the backlash 
  • Starting Weird Waves 
  • Learning to edit 
  • The soundtrack 
  • Making music 
  • How Dylan chooses the locations
  • Coming up 
  • Searching for the stand out moments 

Names Mentioned

  • Eddie Graves 
  • Dave Malcolm
  • Burton Hathaway 
  • Elvis Presley 
  • George Floyd 
  • Kyla Langen
  • Selema Masekela 

Places Mentioned

  • Devon 
  • England 
  • The River Severn 
  • Cornwall
  • Ocean Side 
  • California 
  • The Great Lakes 
  • Manhattan Beach 
  • Encinitas 
  • Wyoming 
  • The Lunch Counter
  • Brazil 

Brands, Companies, Organisations Mentioned

  • Vans
  • Adobe 
  • International Olympic Committee 
  • Off the Wall TV
  • Instagram 
  • Sainsbury’s 
  • Queer Surf

Films, Music and Books Mentioned