165: Torren Martyn/Lost Track

Torren Martyn, October 2021. Photo: Tozer

This week’s guest Torren Martyn is probably the most individual, interesting and certainly most celebrated surfer in the world right now. Draw a Venn diagram of all the modern-day talking points in surf culture – board length, style, the craving for some substance among a world of throwaway edits – and Torren would be right at the centre.

As 2021 dawned, Torren’s lazy, lanky style and mastery of the mid-length had already seen him lauded as one of the modern greats. Then he released Lost Track: Atlantic, a four-part three-hour long collaboration with his best mate and long term collaborator Ishka Folkwell that marked the high watermark of the pair’s creative partnership.

Photo: Tozer

Why? Firstly because it’s a beautifully-made piece of work that, as it languidly documents the duo’s journey from Scotland to Senegal in ‘Donna’, their beat-up old Transit, repurposes the surf road trip dream in a way that is quietly innovative, yet as comfortingly familiar as that first post-lockdown pint.

Secondly, because of what this defiantly old-fashioned approach signifies in the modern surf era. In a time of quick cut vlogs and Insta clips, Torren and Ishka have taken it back to more reflective era, when surf films were a satisfyingly cohesive package of music, surfing and culture. Throw in Torren’s beautiful surfing and Ishka’s unique eye, and you have the recipe for what was immediately recognised as a modern classic.

Photo: Tozer

Yep, I’m a fan. Indeed, I’ve been trying to get Torren on since I saw the first episode, and after a few months of email tennis we finally made it happen in September 2021. This one is just a lovely open chat with somebody who is a warm and impressive as his incredible surfing.

I’m hugely grateful to Torren and Ishka for brightening an otherwise dire year with their visionary work, and to Torren for taking the time to unpick the whole thing for this episode. This is a good one. Enjoy.

Listen to the episode below: