058: Todd Richards/Action Sports Senior Citizen

Todd at the 2017 Sims Retro Worlds. Photo: Jake Pollock

Hossegor omnibus! Yep. I headed to France for a quick 48 hour Quik Pro trip, and ticked off three podcasts while I was at it. 

Different craft, same attack.

This first instalment is with somebody I had an inkling would be a brilliant guest, and he didn’t disappoint: the great Todd Richards.

Tidy backside air on his first home.

The word ‘legendary’ doesn’t really cover it with Todd, who during his 90s heyday helped set the standards that continue to define snowboarding to this day. Todd’s what you might call an action sports lifer – somebody who has been immersed in skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing since he was a kid and who is showing no signs of slowing down now he’s nearing action sports senior citizenry.

Some classic TR shade on a less than classic looking mid-90’s US Open halfpipe

He’s also brilliant company, and we had a great time trading stories and gossip about the sports we love. As I soon realised, Todd knows that ultimately our whole thing is a completely frivolous waste of time that also happens to be the greatest thing in the world, and his chat is that of a person who has spent a lifetime becoming increasingly comfortable with this essential truth. 

He is also brilliantly opinionated on everything from Terje’s boycott to the state of snowboarding today, and full of great one-liners. Yes snowboard geeks, your ship has come in. Grab the popcorn, and settle down for an enlightening 90 minutes with one of the greats. 

Big thanks to Todd for this one. I really enjoyed it. Hope you do too. 

If you only have five minutes…

Listen to this section - Todd on Terje's boycott.

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  • Peter Benchley
  • Steven Spielberg
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  • Chris Roach
  • Craig Kelly
  • Jeff Brushie
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