Sian Leigh’s 5 Tips For Lockdown Self-Care

“Me en route to swim in a sea of covoid…..with my manuka honey, garlic, tea tree oil, vitamin c and zinc to protect me (which it seemed to).”

1. Be Kind

“So this one is pretty obvious, and I love the fact that our incredible Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has really focused on this through her entire management. We have NO idea what people are going through in the privacy of their own home. And we all know that practicing kindness is beneficial for everybody. So try to be kind whenever you can. Be forgiving. We’ve never been in this situation. Everyone in your bubble will have a bad day. Don’t rise on that day, be kind. You’ll have a bad day eventually. Phone a friend, a family member. Have a FaceTime with someone you know who needs to see a beautiful face like yours”.

2. Stop watching the news and checking social media.   

Sian and her dog Sid

“When I was in isolation by myself I had the news on all day long and it was seriously affecting my headspace. I started to feel a never-ending sense of panic, as if I was constantly being chased by a bear.  And then I couldn’t sleep and obviously in the middle of the night things are so much worse in your head.  So I stopped all news for two days and now allow myself one a look a day. There is nothing to be gained from watching the news constantly. Social media is good for a 10 minute time waster, but I think this also makes you feel a sense of ‘I’m not doing enough’ as everyone puts all their energy into posting something amazing to make it look as though they are achieving so much, and this too isn’t great for mental health.  If you can flip this whole situation to make it feel like a great break from life, then you will glide through each day with a more positive twist”. 

3. Exercise 

Sian in a familiar pose. Photo: Melody Sky

“I truly believe we need two sessions a day! A full cardio session and then a relaxing yin session. If you think about it, normally we race around and probably walking at LEAST a kilometre in the day just doing jobs! The kids are burning so much energy at school both with their brain and physical activity. 

I’ve launched a 22 day immunity boosting program using yoga, food and lifestyle changes to help you make long-term changes on both an exercise and food front.  The yoga can slot in with your other exercise. 

It’s so important to move from both a mental and physical perspective. Depression sneaks in so quickly when we are still, and we’re more likely to eat more….. which brings me onto my next top tip…”

Link: Sian’s 22 Days To Healthy Life course. Click here.

4. Eat Healthily

“It is so easy to pick your way through the day, so if you are, make it healthy! If you are picking at vegetables (if you have kids chop up a bunch and put into Tupperware where they can reach so they are grabbing those instead of rubbish) then this is fine, you are probably eating better than ever. The only way to truly avoid eating sugary or carb loaded snacks is by not having them in the house. Use this opportunity to learn to cook. If you are usually too busy to make a Thai curry from scratch, now is the time, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can bring all those herbs and spices together. If you have children, get them involved, they can cook one night a week and make their own breakfasts and lunches. This amazing opportunity to slow life down is such a blessing”.   

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5. Change up your podcasts

“I get a bit stuck on certain themes. I was always listening to show about gut healing, brain development or anything health related. Eat less meat, eat more meat, go vegan, go vegetarian, stay off pulses, never eat dairy, etc etc. Then I moved on and got stuck on some dark ones: Chasing Cosby, Broken Jeffrey Epstein, which made me feel all stuck and depressed.  

So I’ve moved to My Dad Wrote A Porno, which was a bit of light relief. My housemate Flossie is listening to Table Manners, which she said is light and funny”. 

Listen: My Dad Made A Porno