Mark Munson’s Top 5 Fish Captures

Mark Munson, December 2020. Photo: Owen

My chat with UK skateboarding legend Munson was one of 2020’s most popular episodes – and not just for the skate tales. Yep, we spent a large part of the conversation chatting about Mark’s other passion – fishing. Here, Munson talks us through his top five captures. “None of these fish were killed, in case anyone was worried”.

1. Catfish

“I caught this one in Spain on the River Ebro, which is notorious for the big cats. I’ve visited before, but the river was in flood and un-fishable. So I made it back the next year to try again. Conditions were better, and I managed a few on that trip, with this being the biggest one. It was hooked from the bank and landed via boat. These things are another level during the fight. 100% muscle!”

2. Pike

“This one isn’t the biggest pike I’ve ever caught, but the largest on a lure. I watched it follow the lure for about four metres before it took it about three feet from where I was standing!”

3. Mirror Carp

“I caught this from a 100+ acres reservoir that only has about 200 carp. I did about two years of research before I fished the place to try and give myself a chance. I found a good area where I thought I could intercept them as they moved from one arm to the other. I had bigger ones that season, but this is still one of my favourite captures”.

4. Common Carp

“This one was from a syndicate lake I’d fished for three years. I caught all the other big fish in the lake, and this one was a rare visitor to the bank. Again, I did the homework and fished an area that I didn’t really like, just because I knew this one had form and liked to come from that area in the autumn. I fished that area two nights a week for three weeks – the first bite was this one!”

5. Sturgeon

“I caught this one in Oregon from a boat using a whole shad as a deadbait. I landed it after a 40 minute battle about a mile downstream from where I hooked it.”