Lena Stoffel’s 5 Lockdown Habits

Lena Stoffel, Niseko backcountry, January 2020. Photo: me.

1. Organising my photography exhibition

“Just before lockdown I held an exhibition in Innsbruck which is obviously now closed. So I’m using this time to reorder my prints, recycling my old frames and getting orders ready. If anybody buy one of my prints I’ll donate 10% to Pow Austria”.

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2. Doing home workouts

“I’m having a hard time not doing the sports I love! I still need to move, so I’ve been using this time to get back into training after the winter. The place I always train at in Innsbruck, Base Five, is doing online courses and they’re doing an amazing job, especially their 6pm Instagram Live sessions which are short and intense”

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3. Cooking

“I’m trying to eat healthily, and have been loving the Deliciously Ella app with its delicious plant-based recipes. It’s all easy and super healthy”.

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4. Jonas Claesson

“I discovered the artist Jonas Claesson through my partners Stance. He’s doing a campaign called ‘Scribble Together’ which is really great. I love his art as it’s a very dreamy way of thinking about adventures, surfing, skiing, snowboarding and camping. I love it”.

Check his work here.

5. Keep a Routine

“I’m trying to change my routine. So I start my day with a 30 minute yoga routine followed by a cold shower. Then I’ve been trying to read more. At the moment I’m reading ‘The Discovery of Slowness’ by Sten Nadolny. Before Nadolny’s, slowness novel been been seen exclusively negatively. In Nadolny’s world, this seeming disability is in fact a powerful asset: the possessor of ‘slowness’ can afford to wait, because he must wait”.  

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