Jonathan Weaver’s 5 Ways To Entertain The Kids on Lockdown

Jonathan Weaver, Oregon, November 2019. Photo: Tozer

Based in Portland, episode 110 guest Jonathan Weaver is currently juggling childcare and work from home. Here’s how he and his wife are keeping the kids entertained.

“So we have two kids, Lenny aged 4 and Lilly aged 2 — the perfect age for working from home. We’re on week two, and they’re doing great and my wife Mareile is a legend for navigating this situation whilst also running her own kids clothing label @oylalakids. Here’s what we’re up to each day as we try and deal with this situation”.

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1. Learning the guitar

“We bought a half size guitar the day before lockdown and have been using the website Simply Guitar to try and learn — both the kids and us! We love having music on around the house so let’s hope one day its us playing. At the moment we’re trying to do thirty mins a day”.

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2. Cooking

“We generally enjoy cooking and time is usually one of the biggest barriers so this is a great opportunity. We’ve been checking out new recipes, like this one that I always enjoy cooking for the kids”.

3. Playing football

“With a heavy heart, I must admit I haven’t been playing football enough with the kids. Instead, we had them in classes at the local futsal club. I fear that’s kind of the culture the western world has become. If you want kids to do something, put them in a course.

So we have been playing football every day in the hallway, in the garage, in the front yard: anywhere with a few yards to kick. It reminds me so much of playing with my dad and also how simple a game of wall ball can be for a child to understand. Oh, football. Is it wrong how much I miss you? Lee Trundle videos on YouTube (above) will have to do for now.”

4. Gardening

“We are lucky to have a small garden out the back, so before lockdown we went and grabbed new seeds for our little vegetable patch. I love this with the kids as it teaches them the elements of how things grow with good earth, water and sunlight. We’re even learning how to make compost to get healthier soil, and going through the daily ritual of watering the plants as well”.

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5. Streaming

“I was never going to get through this without mentioning some form of streaming. The kids love YouTube, but end up doing down all kinds of wormholes so we’ve been trying to set it up so we either watch a Disney film or something educational.

I’m currently hooked on Frozen and Frozen 2. The kids enjoy it as well I think. On the educational side we’ve also been sitting them down to watch shows like Fireman Sam in German to try and teach them how to speak German. Feurwehrman Sam ist sehr gute zu learnen!”

Bonus — Reading

“I’m a bit of a sucker for all things self-improvement and real estate. I’ve read most of Kiyosaki’s books and this one has some interesting thoughts we can all pass down to our kids”.

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