DJ BBQ’s 5 Barbecue Essentials

Christian Stevenson, aka DJ BBQ, on his five barbecue essentials. Click here to buy The Burger Book, Christian’s latest.

1. Weber tongs

The best tool I have. The longer the better – they should act like an extension of your arm. 

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2. Seasoned wood

I always cook with seasoned wood, either for smoking or making fresh charcoal. Plus, it’s not only a heat source; its an ingredient, as it will definitely flavour your food. 

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3. Salt

The essential flavour enhancer. I like Maldon, as it crushes perfectly on your fingers. Melts beautifully onto a steak. 

4. Day-old baked potatoes

I do so much with these things. Chips, home fries, hash browns. They’re the best carbs going. Seriously, day old baked potatoes make the best chips, I promise. 

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5. Music

My whole thing is catertainment, so when we’re out cooking we have to have tunes. It’s essential to who we are.