Bas Keep’s 5 Inspirations

Bas in Brighton, February 2019. Photo: Owen Tozer

1. Crowhurst Ramp

“We were 11 years old and spend our Saturdays looking for hills to ride down when we wandered into Crowhurst Ramp. It was shocking to see such a huge metal beast. We went home and told our friends about it and the next day we rode it for the first time. It was two or three miles from my house and I remember being so in love with it because it was this secret that no one knew about.At the time it felt like there were only a handful of skateparks in the UK so we felt incredibly lucky to have this ramp just on a few miles away.I went there everyday and became obsessed with it. I still ride it today and even though it’s different nowadays, I still get a lot of love from that place”.

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2. Stuart Dawkins

“I used to play football as a kid and remember coming from a tournament and saw him riding a BMX. He was the first person I saw properly riding a bike. We used to go down to the industrial park to just play around. That’s where we saw Stu grinding down handrails for the first time. Back then he was the owner of the local bike shop and put on a few events like the Backyard Jam. I felt like I just bumped into this different world that was directly on my doorstep. He later gave me a hand-me-down BMX that I went on to ride. Fast forward 25 years and now he’s my good friend and business partner”.

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3. Austin, Texas

“I moved to Austin when I was about 27. Living in the UK I spent too much time worrying about sponsorships and it felt like I was coming to the end of my career. I just didn’t enjoy riding my BMX anymore. When I moved to Austin, I met people who would just do it for the fun of it. I rode everyday and lived more. The BMX culture there is very positive. There’s lots of options to ride and people don’t really care about making money through it. The time in Austin really helped my career as I ended up lighting the fire again and was invited back to X Games”.

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4. Relationship with Red Bull

THAT Croydon ender from Walls. Photo: Red Bull

“In hindsight I realised that I’ve learned a lot from my relationship with Red Bull. At first I thought I was just being sponsored but the relationships through Red Bull helped me to think outside the box. Only being around BMXers can kind of close your mind so Red Bull brought me to places I wouldn’t normally go. They opened my mind up and asked me how I wanted to do things differently to progress my sport. Eventually this led to ideas like ‘Walls'”.

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5. Magazines and Videos

“We grew up watching a lot of BMX videos and were influenced especially by the soundtracks. As a kid you’re usually only exposed to the music on TV or the charts so I was listening to a different kind of music than my peers early on. BMX media helped me see lots of different types of music and other forms of creativity. The biggest BMX film when I was a kid must’ve been one of the first ones I ever saw ‘Unlock your BMX’. It was based in the UK and lots of people that are now my friends were in there. It had amazing music. It was a VHS. Just fond memories!”