What is Looking Sideways?

Board riders have always been creative. We build things, we break things, we paint our equipment, we make films, we play music, we screenprint our clothes and we fill our world with objects that look good. You could call it the art of riding.

What we do

We use our events, art projects and website to celebrate the creativity of the action sports world. Sometimes we work with brands. Sometimes we just put them on ourselves.

How we do it

In the last few years, we’ve successfully carried out a lot of successful projects: everything from hosting fringe festivals at Europe’s biggest action sports event, creating interactive crowd-sourced art and commissioning a huge outdoor exhibition at a major surf event. Check the site to get a feel for what we do or check out some of our recent projects below.

Work with us

Got an idea or need an idea? We’re always looking for the next big project. Get in touch.