As you probably know, it’s been a fantastic week for Team GB’s ski and snowboard athletes over in Korea.
No better time then, to give some massively overdue props to the great Lesley McKenna – three-time Olympian herself, and the mastermind behind the whole GB Park and Pipe project.
I caught up with Lesley last summer to get the lowdown on her own career and her work with GB Park and Pipe – click the link below to find out more.

“People always say ‘You retired at your peak’, but I’m always like ‘No way, I milked the shit out of it’”.

I knew it was a good one – and predictably enough, my conversation with the fascinating, erudite and compelling @da_kuru has been going down extremely well.

Back in the day, Benedek was known for redefining what it means to be creative in snowboarding (as above on the infamous ‘Lame’ kicker) and today he is still questing away in his own unique fashion. Our chat covered the powerful sway of American culture, the pain of growing up, how creativity works, the emotional dullness of being an adult compared to being a child, finding flow in everyday life, the fundamental trickiness of signs and symbols, and plenty more thoughtful hand-on-chin chitchat. Oh aye: and some snowboarding too.

If you’re a skater or surfer who is yet to listen to any of my snowboarding episodes, I would say this roving conversation with one of the most creative thinkers in any action sport would be a great place to start. So you know what to do 👀☝️

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