‘Surfing The World’s Biggest Waves’ is Episode 002 of the @welooksideways action sports podcast featuring big wave surfer @andrew_cotty who routinely charges the world’s biggest and scariest waves. Looking Sideways’ @barrmatt speaks with Cotty on a range of subjects including how he met @mcnamara_s, financing his career and what it’s like to take a #Mavericks wave on the head. Click the link in the bio to check it out. 📷 ~ @redbull_mediahouse

‘How To Live Your Life Through Snowboarding’ is Episode 001 of the @welooksideways action sports podcast featuring @bbcsport‘s #SkiSunday & Olympic snowboarding presenter, @ed__leigh_. Looking Sideways’ @barrmatt sat down with Ed earlier this year to find out how he juggles his on-the-road lifestyle with his life in Verbier with his wife and two children. Click the link in the bio to have a listen.

Looking Sideways Podcast Episode 004: Sascha Hamm Part 2 – Dealing With Catastrophe
In episode 4 of the Looking Sideways podcast, presenter Matt Barr continues his conversation with snowboarder Sascha Hamm. In this instalment, Sascha on his career as a racing driver, how he ended up competing on the Freeride World Tour and much more.
It’s another fascinating, inspirational listen.
Click the link below to listen to the episode, to subscribe on iTunes and for full show notes.

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