‘It was a story of heroes and a story of hope’
Oscar-winner Orlando von Eisendel on his most terrifying moment filming, and how it really felt to go up and receive an Oscar. Click the link to listen

Episode 011 guest @Jamiebrisick chose his top 5 ‘gateway’ books. Here’s why you should read them: http://ed.gr/cebz

‘I have to electrocute myself every morning’
Snowboarder Sascha Hamm on risk, the joy of snowboarding, and the 100 foot slam off a cliff that almost killed him. Click to listen

Episode 011 with @jamiebrisick is now live! Head on over to the @welooksideways site to do it up.
We covered Jamie’s life as a pro surfer, his writing career, his decade-long immersion in the Peter Drouyn/Westerly Windina story and much more. Swipe right for a visual preview.
This one was a freewheeling chat with one of surfing’s most original thinkers, with much to ponder and enjoy. Big thanks to @craig_salmon and @kaneskennar for the pics.