Episode 013 with Keme Nzerem is flying, thanks to everybody who has listened, enjoyed and passed it on.
Off mic I asked Keme, Head Judge at Kendal Mountain Festival, to recommend his top 5 action sports films.
Check it below – perfect Sunday evening reading/viewing

Epic chat with this legend for the @welooksideways podcast the other day. Cheers for having me @skindoggydog!
We talked about Ben’s ridiculously successful career, the latest moves for @skindog_surfboards, the state of modern longboarding and loads more. It’s a good one this – subscribe through the @welooksideways site so you can listen when it drops. Ben is surfing in the @boardmasters comp this weekend – ave it.

Episode 013 is up! My guest for episode 013 is journalist and broadcaster Keme Nzerem: skier, climber, outdoorsman, head judge at Kendal Mountain Festival and Correspondent for Channel 4 News.

If you enjoyed Ed Leigh on how he ended up presenting Ski Sunday, or Orlando von Einsiedel on how he carved out his illustrious film-making career, you’ll love this one. Hit the link below to do it up. Thanks for coming on Keme! Love your work.

Last month I was fortune enough to speak to the great @nzerem for an upcoming episode of the @welooksideways podcast.
Keme is a reporter for @channel4news, head judge of @kendalmountainfestival and hugely entertaining and articulate company. We spent a very enjoyable couple of hours going over his life and career – if you liked the @ed__leigh_ or @orlandovoneinsiedel episodes, you’ll love this one. Dropping soon – hit the link in my bio to subscribe so it lands nicely on your phone when it does. Cheers Keme! Great to talk to you.

Well that was a proper treat – just finished a banging interview with the legendary @lucyadamsskate at her Horsham manor. Plus I got to hang out with #pennythewhippet as well. Gonna be a good episode this one, dropping soon so keep ’em peeled for that one. Thanks for having me Lucy!