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Have spoken about the great @owenmadeup before on the @welooksideways podcast.
He took the beautiful portraits that accompanied the @easkeysurf, @sophiehellyer, @travisrice and @bryaniguchi episodes, and has been a trusted friend and collaborator for years now.
He designed the @allconmedia, @welooksideways and @thegreenroomlahinch logos (that’s Owen outside the shop with his logo during our recent visit to Lahinch) and is also a super talented artist who has banged out record covers and videos for @bhwrd and @indiabourne, among others.
Then there’s his photographic work, which has featured in the pages of @condenasttraveller among others.

Me and Owen have always got a project brewing, and he’s one of my favourite people to work with, mainly due to his complete honesty and originality. Anyway, he’s completely rubbish at promoting himself so I thought I’d give him some much deserved props. He also sells his work so if you want to find out more or buy something his Xmas, thus supporting original artistry in a meaningful way, head on over to @owenmadeup to find out more. Swipe right to see more of his work.

Latest @welooksideways episode with the legendary Jon Boyer, aka @500lbguerrilla, is now live!
Top listen this one, in which I broke my no Skype rule for only the second time to get on the blower to Jon in his LA home.
Jon, pictured here by the great @danopendygrasse, came up with the first wave of North American pros, counting Kidwell, Craig Kelly and Duckboy as peers, scoring the cover of @twsnow, a pro model on Barfoot and plenty other milestones.
Today he is a @theblcklst featured screenwriter working in Hollywood – and unsurprisingly he has some great tales about both of these amazing careers. You know what to do – hit the link in my bio to do it up ☝️.
Love your work Boyer, thanks for coming on the show.

Episode 026 with snowboarder and screenwriter Jon Boyer is now live!
Yep, I dig into the details of a great American snowboarding life for this one.
Canuck legend Boyer came up with the first wave of North American snowboard pros, mentored by Ken Achenbach and counting shredders like Keith Duckboy Wallace, Shaun Palmer and Damien Sanders as peers. Along the way he scored a pro model on Barfoot, the cover of TWS and a part in a Greg Stump film.
Today, he makes his living as a Hollywood screenwriter, working on spec scripts and adapting works like the Booker Prize-winning The White Tiger for the screen.
A wide ranging chat with a charismatic legend this one. Thanks for coming on the show Boyer! Love your work!