What a privilege this one was – myself and photographer @owenmadeup got to spend the day with the legendary @bryaniguchi for episode 023, and it didn’t disappoint.
We spent a lovely hungover afternoon wandering the South Bank, sitting down to discuss his life and career. Highlights include Guch on Craig Kelly, seeing @travisrice ride for the first time, how snowboarding has kept him young, and how it felt to be part of that legendary mid 90s @burtonsnowboards team.
If you’re a snowboarder, you’re going to love it. Not a snowboarder? Then sit back and enjoy the zen-like wisdom of this most popular and respected legend anyway.

Right on Guch! Thanks for coming on the @welooksideways podcast. Click the link in my bio to have a listen.

Episode 023 with the great Bryan Iguchi is live! Click the link below to have a listen as we take a leisurely look back over his incredible career. The highlights? Bryan on Craig Kelly, seeing Travis ride for the first time, the early Big Bear years with Brushie, and much more.
Big thanks to Owen Tozer for the pics, Nott Scoxin for making it sound half decent, and Bryan Iguchi himself for being a proper good sport.

If you listened to episode 006 with guest Xavier De Le Rue you’ll remember him talking about his expedition to the Kuril Islands. His edit from the trip just dropped and it’s a cracker: peep it here

Yew! Cheers for sharing Quiksilver