Anybody surprised that @thomasvictorcarroll just smashed my record for most listeners in a day? Thought not.
As I thought it might, my conversation with one of surfing’s greatest ever has been going down a storm, with listeners loving Tom’s honesty, passion and insights accrued from a lifetime of pushing the limits. ‘I don’t want to be the guy surfing a 100 foot wave. But I do want to get back to a level where I can push myself again’.
Here’s Tom in 2014 at Pipeline, a wave he knows as well as anybody.

@thomasvictorcarroll klaxon!

I’m probably guilty of overusing the word legend on the podcast but when you get to catch up with Tom Carroll for a chat, what other word is there to use?

I have to thank @laynebeachley for hooking this one up following our great conversation for episode 029. She took care of the email intros, and a few days later I headed into Sydney to meet Tom and discuss his incredible career.
When you’ve had a life like Tom’s there’s a lot to discuss. Yep, he dropped some brilliantly entertaining insights into his years at the top. But in the main we focussed on his recent efforts to cope with the injuries accrued during a lifetime spent pushing the limits. In the last year Tom has had a knee replacement and elective rotator cuff surgery – now he is bringing the same dedicated approach that characterised his ASP years to the task of managing these injuries so he can keep surfing to the highest possible level.
Yep, it’s inspiring stuff from a true legend of the game, and got to say a huge thanks to Tom for taking the time to come on the podcast.
Click the link in my bio to have a listen (and yes I really am that tall 👀)