Big up to episode 008 guest DJ BBQ on the publication of his new book. Still one of the most popular episodes of the podcast this, head to my site if you’ve still yet to experience two hours of Christian in full flow.

@sbutler66 Ah we should have caught up. I always end up in the same places tbh: Hoffbrauhaus, Augustiner etc etc

Another big day for the @welooksideways podcast yesterday, with listener records broken once more. As usual huge thanks to everybody who’s digging the show and been sending me such amazing feedback from all over the shop.

And of course episode 033 with @gbparkandpipe’s finest @billy_morgman had a lot to do with that.

During our chat, Billy opened up about his life and career so far, his hopes for Korea, how he copes with fear and risk, and how it felt to land THAT ground-breaking quad cork (above), as well as how he coped with the neggy vibes from the (ahem) ‘cooler’ end of the snowboarding spectrum.

In short – this is one entertaining, enthralling and revealing listen. You know what to do – hit the link to have a listen 👀☝️