“The older I got, the more I saw that there’s so much more to life than how you look in a bikini.”
Episode 019 with Sophie Louise Hellyer is live! Its part two of my special Irish omnibus, recorded while I was in Lahinch at the end of September.
I chatted to Sophie about her career as a surfer and model, and the changes she’s been making to her life since the move to Ireland.
I really enjoyed this one, a fascinating chat with a principled and value-driven surfer with some unique insights into what it means to be a female pro surfer. Thanks for coming on Sophie!
Click the link below to do it up. Thanks to Owen Tozer for the pic.

Episode 019 with surfer, swimmer, environmentalist and writer @sophiehellyer is live!
I recently spent a few days with Sophie and Conrad over in Lahinch in Ireland, during which we took the time to look back over her career as a model and surfer. Since then, she has made some dramatic changes to her life, moving to Ireland, pretty much giving up modelling and using her experiences in that industry to formulate some principled views on the issues of gender stereotyping and female objectification in surfing.
We sat down at her cottage in Lahinch to chat over some of these topics and look back over her life and career.
A great chat this one, with a principled and values-driven surfer looking to change things from the front. Thanks for coming on Sophie! Thank you to @owenmadeup @honestcaptain, Dan Socie, Colin Cooney and Johannes Mink for the pictures.
This is part two of my special Irish omnibus following my recent trip to the west coast – look out for the next episode with @easkeysurf dropping soon.

Stop press! About to interview 3 x World Champ and all round legend Mick Fanning for the podcast. Any questions for Mick? Let me know in the comments below.

I’m in Hossegor for a few days and about to speak to the legend @mfanno for the @welooksideways podcast. Any questions for Mick? Let me know in the comments below.

Looking Sideways live! My friends at Finisterre have invited me to helm a discussion with surfers Noah Lane and Sandy Kerr at their Finisterre Covent Garden London store on Thursday October 12th. It’s free and there’s free beer – tickets limited though. Hit the link to do it up