“Single-use plastic is the biggest issue now. It’s even more of a threat to our oceans than sewage was back in the 1990s”. With the #GlobalWaveConference on right now, a reminder that we need leaders like episode 025 guest Hugo Tagholm more than ever. https://buff.ly/2oQY54j

“There’s nobody in the traditional running industry who can sit there and say the rise of urban running crews didn’t change they way they do things”. Episode 035 guest daddydark on how Run Dem Crew changed the game. Listen now: https://buff.ly/2D0e0kX

“London has always been very, very important to me. It’s a city that I love” – episode 036 guest @daddydarkrdc on how starting @rundemcrew allowed him to rediscover the city and people anew.
Unsurprisingly, Charlie’s wisdom and unique worldview has been going down a storm since it went live yesterday.
Beautiful images by my regular collaborator @owenmadeup.
If you haven’t listened yet – you know what to do 👀☝️

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“It was a story of heroes and a story of hope.” Hard to believe its a year since episode 005 guest #orlandovoneisendel took home an award from The Academy for his documentary on The White Helmets. Inspiring listen from as principled artist – listen now: