Dropping this week – episode 010 of the @welooksideways action sports podcast with legendary UK skater @hellicar.
A top chat this one about skateboarding, life, art, music and much, much more. As well as his pro skate career, Pete was one of the co-founders of @unabomberskateboards, did a stint as Art Director at @etnies, helped design @houseofvansldn and has has been at the heart of UK skateboarding since the mid 80s. Today he’s a hugely respected artist who runs @hellicarstudio.
So whether you want to geek out on some first hand U.K skate history or get an insight into how the relentless creativity of skating has shaped Pete’s artistic life, this one is a must-listen. Subscribe in iTunes so it lands on your blower as soon as it’s released. Easy.

I’m rereading Becoming Westerly ahead of my chat with surfer, journalist and acclaimed author @jamiebrisick this week, a book with a lot to say about identity, self-image and the lies we tell ourselves. It’s also a brilliantly entertaining look at Aussie surf culture in the 70s and 80s.
If you’re looking to fill a Barbarian Days-shaped hole in your life, look no further.

If you’ve listened to the latest episode with @gbparkandpipe honcho and all round UK snowboard royalty @lesleymckenna, you’ll know we cover a lot of ground as we discuss her life and career highlights – including that infamous 1988 Scottish Disco Dancing Championship win, and her latest British Championships half pipe win in 2017.
Swipe the shots above for an overview of an amazing career, and if you haven’t listened yet, hit the link on my bio to find out much more about Lesley’s amazing, inspirational career. 📷s: @josie.mcnamara @euan_ @jackdaddy

Latest episode is up and I finally interviewed somebody who isn’t a man! Yes for episode 009 I spoke to the great @lesleymckenna, three-time Olympian, reigning British half pipe champion (!), the brains behind @gbparkandpipe and true UK and European snowboarding royalty.
If inspiring chats with visionary people are your bag, full of intriguing insights into a fascinating career, don’t miss it. Link in bio. 📷by @euan_