‘How do you pick your guests?’ – is the most common question I get about the podcast. The answer is ‘Do I think there’s an interesting story there?’ –

In the case of @sianyh13 , my guest for episode 055, I had a feeling people would love her unique perspective on health, marriage and life in general. Which is why I’m so chuffed this episode has had such an amazing response. –

Haven’t listened yet? Some perfect Saturday am listening right here. Link in bio – you know what to do 👇💪 –

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Not sure if anyone noticed, but its October on Monday. Crumbs. On the plus side, it’s jumper and hoodie season once more. –

I dropped a proper clanger with the old @WeLookSideways merch by launching my hoodie and sweatshirt line at the start of the hottest summer in living memory. –

Now its getting chillier, I’m starting to shift a few, and I also have FREE UK SHIPPING this weekend – yewwww.

Here’s me wearing the red @WeLookSideways hoodie, and my old mucker @oliearnold wearing the blue @Welooksideway sweat, shot by @owenmadeup on a brilliant trip to Strandhill this week. –

If you want to get involved, head to the Shop section on my website – link in bio. In the meantime, big thanks to @aoifep , @seamusmcgoldrick , @jessiedriftwood and all the rest for taking such good care of us over there. –

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Big thanks to @aoifep for inviting me to Strandhill to speak at the #swellxstrandhill event this morning. I chatted about the twenty odd years I have spent trying to tell stories in action sports as honestly as possible. –

Great to be part of a really lively discussion about sustainable and responsible tourism, and I really enjoyed the insights of my co-speakers Jennie from @mcginnsisters and Cillian from @tourismresponsibly. Also massive thanks to @seamusmcgoldrick for being such a legendary local guide. –

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Its Sian Leigh day on the Looking Sideways podcast! Ace to get one of my favourite people on the show. She has a uniquely joyful take on life, and is dedicated to helping people understand the root causes of their unhappiness in today’s world. If you have mystifying mental or physical ailments, wonder why you struggle to find your place in the world, are constantly tired or just generally feel overwhelmed with modern life, this episode is for you. Huge thanks to Sian for coming on the show, and for another brilliant conversation. Click the link below to have a listen.