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I’m just back from a brilliant week on the west coast of Ireland, where I surfed, swam and caught up with these three legends for forthcoming episodes of the podcast: Fergal Smith of @moyhillfarm, @sophiehellyer and @easkeysurf.
Thanks so much to you all for your hospitality and welcome. Ferg’s episode drops first in the next couple of days. Click the link in my bio and subscribe through that to make sure you hear them.
I was joined on this trip by my very talented friend, the great @owenmadeup, who took these great photos.
Owen is a film maker, designer and photographer – he also came up with the @WeLookSideways branding. Go follow him or check his work out.

ICYMI – episode 017 with legendary longboarder and honcho of @skindog_surfboards @skindoggydog is up and has been going down rather well. Tune in to hear Ben discuss @skindog_surfboards, his ambition to win a World Title and why he was so pissed off at an article slating UK surfing. Hit the link in my bio to have a listen, and huge thanks to Sharpy @carvemag for the pics.

Huge thanks to @Surf_Photo, one of the best in the game, for sorting me out with some picture of Ben for the Show Notes an all.

Episode 017 of the Looking Sideways podcast is live!
For this one popped in to see Ben Skinner while I was down in Newquay recently to discuss his life and career. We also chatted about longboarding, the ethos behind Skindog Surfboards, how he balances a mental life/work schedule, his ambition to win a world title, and why a recent article about the state of UK surfing annoyed him so much.
It’s a good one this, thanks for coming on the show Ben, great to catch up.

New blog post is up – and as its from episode 001 guest Ed Leigh it’s a good one.
Every episode I ask a guest to provide me with a Top 5 – Ed hit back with his ‘Top 5 80s Movie Party Scenes’. Yes, it does include Trading Places, Animal House ad Big Wednesday, although no Crocodille Dundee surprisingly.
Anyway hit the link below to watch and learn with Big Eddie.