Episode 12 is up! I spoke to Finisterre founder, surfer, father, lifeboatman, swimmer and all-round waterman Tom Kay about how he built this much-loved and much imitated brand.
Along the way we take in surfing, Tom’s love of the sea and the inevitable ups and downs that have ensued as TK has overseen the brand’s evolution from bedroom start-up to its current position as perhaps the UK’s most beloved and influential surf brand, with a staff of 50 working from a workshop overlooking the cliffs of St Agnes in Cornwall.
It’s a story about entrepreneurialism, and how with hard work and blind optimism, sometimes it is possible to create something unique and lasting. Thanks Tom, it was great to chat to you.
As usual, click the link below to head to the website, listen to the podcast, check the Show Notes and all the rest. Enjoy!

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