During my interview with Pete Hellicar for episode 010 of the Looking Sideways podcast, we ended up chatting a lot about music. So when Pete offered to put together a special mix of some of his favourite tunes to accompany the episode, I was stoked. Click the link to have a listen and head over to the Looking Sideways website to listen to the interview.
Hellicar – Universe (Pirate Radio Mix)
Karl Blau – The Dark, Magical Sea
Alan Watts – The Illusion Of The Ego
Max Richter – Infra
Mark Pritchard – Hi Red
Trans Am – Let’s Take The Fresh Step Together
Mark Pritchard – Question Mark?
WUGAZI – Ghetto Afterthought
Mark Pritchard – Ghosts
Clark – Black Stone
Clap! Clap! – Ode To The Pleiades
Hellicar – Mental Noise (feat Alan Watts)
Terry Riley & Don Cherry – Sunrise Of The Planetary Dream Collector
80’s Anti Drugs Commercial – This Is Your Brain On Drugs
Pete Evans – Eire
Colossal Youth – The Taxi
MOD – LSD Test (Soldiers In a Field)
Tinariwen – Amassakoul ‘N’ Tenere
The Tumbled Sea – The People You Never Knew About
Bill Callahan – Riding For The Feeling
Hellicar – At The Beach

A gallery of hammers and classic skate shots featuring latest @welooksideways guest @hellicar. If you’ve listened to my interview with Pete you’ll know we cover some proper UK skate history, and I was lucky that legendary skate photographers @wigworland @kevinbanks71 and Donovan Pennant let me use some pics.
Swipe above to see the full gallery, and if you haven’t checked the interview with Pete yet, hit the link in the bio.

Looking Sideways Podcast Episode 010: Peter Hellicar, The Generosity of Skateboarding

Latest episode is now up! I went to visit Pete Hellicar and over a few beers we chatted about life, art, music, skateboarding, creativity and all the good stuff. Pete is an artist and musician, one of the originators of UK skate company Unabomber, and a bona fide UK skate legend.

Click the link to have a listen, subscribe on iTunes and to see full Show Notes so you can dig deep into Pete’s life and career and geek out on some primo UK skate history. Big thanks to Wig for the shot