Accompanying episode 011 – Jamie Brisick’s Top 5 ‘gateway’ books, and why you should read them. Click the link to extend your library:

Episode 11 is up! I spoke to surfer, journalist, writer and documentary maker Jamie Brisick about his life and work, including his book Becoming Westerly, his forthcoming documentary on the whole Peter Drouyn/Westerly Windina saga, his life in writing and surfing, and much more.
Top chat this one, as Jamie has such a unique take on surfing and surf culture, As usual, click the link to have a listen, subscribe on iTunes and check out the usual encyclopaedic Show Notes so you can get well into Jamie’s career and the rest of the Westerly story.

Dropping this week – episode 011 of the @welooksideways action sports podcast with surfer, writer, documentary maker, thinker and chronicler @jamiebrisick.
This one was great – we discussed Jamie’s life and career, his book #BecomingWesterly and the latest developments in the whole Peter Drouyn/Westerly Windina saga. Don’t miss it – click the link in my bio to subscribe

‘Writing has saved my life. It’s given me hope in the darkest of times”
Dropping soon – episode 11 of the Looking Sideways podcast with writer, journalist, novelist, editor, photographer, documentary-maker, surfer and former Pro Tour competitor Jamie Brisick.
Jamie, a writer of uncommon power and sensitivity, has been writing about surf and popular culture since the early 90s. For the last decade he’s been immersed in the story of Westerly Windina, chronicled in his magisterial book Becoming Westerly.
I spoke to Jamie about Becoming Westerly, his surf and writing career, and the fascinating life he’s lived over the past three decades. Keep and eye out for it, and in the meantime click the link to read Becoming Westerly.
If there’s a Barbarian Days-shaped hole in your life, look no further.

Amazing news that Orlando von Einsiedel has been inducted into The Academy. I was lucky enough to speak to Orlando for Episode 005 of Looking Sideways and he was as generous with his time and as insightful as you’d expect if you’ve seen his work.
Prime bit of Sunday listening if you haven’t already heard it, with insights into The White Helmets and Virunga: The Movie, his work with Grain Media, his background as a snowboard film-maker and much more, including some great advice for anybody starting out in the game. Click the link to do it up.