5: @sophiehellyer: The Beauty Myth “The older I got, the more I saw that there’s so much more to life than how you look in a bikini.” The fifth most popular @WeLookSideways episode of 2017! In September I visited Sophie at her home in Lahinch in Ireland for a few days. During that time we had a brilliant conversation in which we dug right into the weighty issues of gender stereotyping and female objectification in surfing. Sophie’s career as a pro surfer and model has given her a unique perspective on this thorny issue, something which obviously struck a chord with listeners.

This was a thoughtful, insightful conversation with somebody making inspiring, commited choices to try and change the status quo in an industry she cares deeply about. Hit the link in my bio to seek it out. 📷: @owenmadeup

Special New Year’s Eve @Haydenshape Bonus Episode! Link in bio! Swipe right!

Yep, if you’ve listened to episode 28 of the @welooksideways podcast, you’ll know I spoke to the great Hayden Cox about how he created his brand @Haydenshapes, among other topics.
Once that chat wrapped, Hayden generously offered to give me a tour of the new @haydenshapes factory and show me how a @haydenshapes board is put together from start to finish. I rolled the tape, and the result is this special little bonus episode I’m putting out with my @WeLookSideways newsletter and here on my Instagram page.
How to listen: click the link in my bio, head to my SoundCloud page and listen to the bonus episode while swiping right and feasting your eyes on the images that accompany the conversation. See below for captions, and enjoy!
Pic 1
@barrmatt and Hayden outside the @haydenshapes store in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
Pic 2
Machine-cutting a new board.
Pic 3
Hayden’s own shaping bay.
Pic 4
The temperature-controlled lamination room.
Pic 5
@craig__anderson’s new twinnie.

Pic 6
One of the factory’s sanding bays.
Pic 7
A brand spanking new board which has just had it’s filler coat applied.
Pic 8
Selection of new boards waiting to go out the door, including this custom Arctic marble graphic.

Pic 9
@barrmatt about to take one of Hayden’s brand new 6’ 6” Hypo Krypto boards for a post-interview surf at Manly.

Funny story. I was sitting on the beach in Manly the other day when I had a brainwave. ‘Hmm. 7 x World Champ @laynebeachley lives in Manly. I wonder if she’d be up for the chat?’ So I used the webform on her website to see if she’d be keen – not five minutes later Layne replied saying yep, here’s my address and I’ll see you on Saturday.
So a few days later myself and @booghaus took her at her word and rocked up to record an episode. Layne welcomed us into her home, got hubby @kirkpengilly_official (yes he is in @officialinxs and was involved in Kick!) to dish up the peppermint teas and regaled me with tales from her incredible life and career for an hour. It was December 23rd 2017, and an absolute scorcher. Funny old world. I guess if you ask then good things can happen. Thanks Layne! What an absolute pleasure and what a great episode this one is. Dropping soon. Merry Xmas! 👀☝️

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Episode 028 of the @WelookSideways podcast is now live! Its the first part of my Aussie omnibus, in which I headed up to Mona Vale to speak to Hayden Cox, the visionary designer, shaper and entrepreneur behind hugely influential surf brand @haydenshapes .
Proper wide-ranger this one, in which Hayden talked me through the thinking behind the notorious Hypo Krypto, and explained the masterplan that led to the brand’s current status as one of surfing’s most notorious.
Above all this is a tale of business risk taking and entrepreneurialism, so even if you’re not au fait with the @haydenshapes Haydenshapes story, there’s plenty to get your teeth stuck into.
I had a great time doing this one; Hayden and the rest of the team were hugely welcoming, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. You know what to do 👀☝️

Episode 028 of the Looking Sideways podcast is now live! In this, the first episode of my Aussie omnibus, I headed up to Sydney’s northern beaches to speak to Hayden Cox, the founder and owner of Haydenshapes Surfboards – one of the most influential surfboard brands of the last decade.

Why? Because Hayden is the man behind two of the most ubiquitous innovations recent surf history – Future 🖕👀Flex and, most notoriously, the Hypto Kryto surfboard.

In this hugely enjoyable conversation, Hayden showed me around his showroom and factory, and gave me the inside line on how he created one of the world’s most influential surf brands. As an insight into the decisions that go into bringing a board like the Hypto Krypto to a wave near you, this one is fascinating.

Top episode this, with a really charismatic and ambitious individual. You know what to do – click that link to have a listen.