Episode 049 with the great @neftaliedotcom is now live. I’ve been lucky enough to get some progressive thinkers on this show but Neftalie might be the most visionary guest yet. –

He is the first lecturer of skateboarding business, media and culture at USC; a PhD candidate at the University of Waikato in New Zealand; a pioneer of the concept of skateboard diplomacy, which he worked on with the US State Department: the list goes on.

He also has a really generous and inclusive vision about the transformative power of skateboarding, and we had a hugely enjoyable conversation about this and much, much more. Link in bio to have a listen. You know what to do ☝️

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This is me with Tim Leighton-Boyce, editor of R.A.D magazine and one of the biggest unsung heroes in UK sideways culture, who I was fortunate enough to interview for episode 031 of the podcast, and get a glimpse of the whole archive while I was it. –

I can’t overemphasis what a massive influence R.A.D was on me when I was a kid, so getting to speak to Tim about the whole thing was a proper privilege. That chat is still one of my most listened-to episodes ever

Now the long-awaited @readanddestroy book project is almost with us, and these tireless guardians of UK skate history need our help to make it a reality by getting behind the whole thing on @kickstarter. Head on over to the @readanddestroy Insta to find out more and pre-order your copy now.
Photo by @boxesandboxesofstuff 💪

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