What a privilege to be shown around the @haydenshapes factory in Sydney today by Hayden Cox.
Fascinating to hear exactly how Hayden and his wife Danielle have created one of the world’s biggest surf brands – and to get the inside story behind the iconic Hypto Krypto.
Episode dropping soon – don’t miss this one ☝️👀

Yeeewwww, Ski Sunday is back which means the eternally stoked Ed Leigh is back on our screens for another winter. If you haven’t checked out Ed on the podcast yet, you’re in for a real treat. The first and still one of the most popular Looking Sideways episodes – click the link to do it up.

Best pool on the planet right there. I’m in Sydney for a month and have been starting each day at @bondiicebergsclub in prep for the Balmoral 5k swim which is …. tomorrow. *gulp*

Here with @booghaus until early Jan, going to be doing plenty of surfing, swimming and all that.
Also gonna be doing some podcasting – got a couple of sweet guests lined up but would love to hear some suggestions.

Which Aussie guest should I try and track down while I’m here? Let me know in the comments below 👇👀